Top 50 Blogs That Should Be on Your Ethical Radar

If you fancy getting your teeth into a few new ethical blogs, you’re in the right place! We’ve listed our favorite 50 sites covering all kinds of ethical issues- so you’re bound to find one that intrigues you. Let’s dive in!

Ethical Blogs: Lifestyle

1. Grist

Grist is a fantastic blog. If you want to swot up on topics relating to climate change, sustainable living, and social justice, then this is the place to be. Grist is amazing at analyzing the solutions available to us while exposing the inequality that’s on our doorsteps. They provide readers with all the knowledge and context they need to get to grips with important issues facing us today.

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2. Sustainable Dish

Sustainable Dish is a blog ran by Diana Rodgers, a licensed dietitian, and nutritionist. You’ll find articles on everything from sustainable farmers to sleeping advice. She also hosts a podcast featuring guests playing important roles in encouraging, promoting, and researching sustainability.

3. Earth Easy

Earth Easy provides advice on living a high-quality yet sustainable lifestyle. Example topics of discussion include- how to enjoy a toxin-free home and garden, how to eat a wholesome diet, and how to spend more time with nature. Everything they write about encourages the reader to respect the earth’s limits. This means adopting a more self-sufficient lifestyle, which they explain in greater detail throughout the blog.

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4. Green Prophet

Founded by environmental activist, Karin Kloosterman, the Green Prophet blog publishes articles on almost every aspect of eco-friendly living. You’ll also find plenty of stories about people Karin’s met during her travels- these are usually pretty inspiring and well worth reading!

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5. Moral Fibres

Since 2013, Moral Fibres has shown how we can easily live a stylish yet eco-friendly lifestyle, without having to break the bank! They cover all aspects of ‘green’ living, without coming across as ‘holier than thou’. From style to food to home and garden (and much more besides) they offer interesting and actionable opinions and advice on all areas of sustainable living.

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6. Eluxe Magazine

This digital magazine showcases luxury brands who are committed to environmental sustainability. By this we mean, companies producing products and/or packaging that are either: organic, biodegradable, recycled or renewable. Or businesses implementing strict Corporate Sustainability Policies. Alternatively, these brands might empower artisans and encourage them to develop their craft- all in all, if you care about ethical products, this is the place to be.

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7. Urban Gardens

Robin Plaskoff Horton combines her love of style, design, and travel with her passion for sustainable living here in this blog. If you fancy yourself as a culture vulture, you’re sure to enjoy Urban Gardens!

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8. Green Living Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to live a greener lifestyle, save on your energy usage, and eat healthy (yet ethical) foods, check out Green Living Ideas– they won’t disappoint!

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9. Frugally Sustainable

As the name so aptly suggests, this blog’s an amazing resource for all things frugal and sustainable. It’s their belief everything we need’s already provided to us by the planet, and their blog is a testament to that.

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10. Eco Warrior Princess

This media brand aims to redefine what it means to live an ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’. It’s their mission to move away from the hippie cliche and snobbery attached to green-living. Instead, they want to bring their online readers content they can use and relate to. Eco Warrior Princess covers all manner of topics: conservation, sustainable fashion, social justice, politics, feminism, eco-beauty, wellness, and green technology — just to name a few.

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11. Greenmoxie

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and enjoy an adventure, Greenmoxie is the online magazine for you. They also explore the merits of green living, upcycling and sustainable building- what’s not to love about that?!

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12. Saved by Grace

Christine’s blog ‘Saved by Grace‘ gets its name because she believes; ‘the grace [of] the universe gives me…all that gets me through sometimes’. She publishes tons of articles on the theme of green living, health, recipes, crafts, and lifestyle (and much, much more!) You’re bound to find something that intrigues you!

13. My Green Home

If you’re unsure how to live a greener lifestyle, check out My Green Home. They cover this subject pretty comprehensively. From travel to home improvement to renewable energy- and everything in between. It’s truly one of the best blogs on sustainable living.

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14. Going Zero Waste

If you’re passionate about health, wellness, and saving the planet- you’ll love this blog. One of the best things about Going Zero Waste is its ethos. They make it clear, it doesn’t matter the changes you make- big or small, you too can make a massive impact on the world around us.

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15. My Plastic Free Life

Since 2007 Beth Terry has blogged advice and inspiration on how to lead a plastic-free lifestyle. She keeps an account of her own plastic consumption and looks for viable plastic-free alternatives. Check out her blog to read her story and to learn more about the different eco-friendly products out there!

Ethical Blogs: Sustainability and Eco-Related Issues

16. Tree Hugger

TreeHugger is a fabulous blog dedicated to making sustainable living a mainstream problem. In short, they’re a one-stop shop for all the latest green news.

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17. David Hakkens

If you want to learn more global problems and their solutions, read Dave’s blog. From reducing e-waste to the latest recycling trends, he covers it all here.

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18. Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s mission is to encourage eco-friendliness in the hopes of a more peaceful planet. Initially founded in 1971, to put a stop to the nuclear bomb, their work continues today. From envisioning a plastic-free future to discussing the state of our rain forests, Greenpeace discusses any and all environmental issues on their blog.

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19. Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network (MNN) is one of the most popular blogs for news and info relating to our planet and environment. They’re amazing at discussing environmental issues without getting too political. Once more, they also cover how eco-friendliness extends into food, health, family life, traveling- just to name a few!

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20. Hark Upon the Green

If you fancy following a successful (local) sustainability project, check out Hark Upon the Green. Here you’ll find a mix of exciting initiatives implemented by the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Founded almost a decade ago, its fascinating to read about their progress.

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21. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

EDF is one of the largest environmental organizations on the planet. They boast over two million members to their name- including hundreds of scientists, economists, and policymakers. All of which want to pull together to make the world a better place. It’s EDF’s mission to tackle the most urgent environmental challenges facing us today. They’ve played a fundamental role in advocacy resulting in the reduction of methane emissions, putting a stop to overfishing in the U.S, and persuading major companies like McDonald’s to adopt eco-friendly practices. They truly are very impressive!

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22. Ecologist

If you want daily news relating to the environment, The Ecologist won’t let you down. They cover everything from successful environmental campaigns, to advances in academic ecology to theoretical ideas about our natural environment. Their aim is to provide the public with a better understanding of the relationship between us and our environment, i.e., pollution, animal cruelty, climate change, etc.- both on a global and local level.

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23. Conservation International (Human Nature)

On their blog, you’ll find articles covering significant environmental issues and their solutions. We mean things like, climate change, fresh water supplies, sustainable eating, threats to human health, etc. You’ll also get the latest updates on the good works Conservation International are getting up to.

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24. Earth Island

Founded more than three decades ago, Earth Island’s launched more than 200 environmental projects. Including initiatives to protect sharks, tackle plastic pollution, save forests, and help indigenous populations preserve their settlements. Their work is meaningful and definitely worth a read!

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Ethical Blogs: Green Design

25. Inhabitat

If you’re looking for a blog on eco-friendly design, Inhabitat is a great starting point. Keep up to date with all the latest tech, trends, and innovations that help designers and engineers move towards a more sustainable future.

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26. Cleantechnica

Like its name suggests, this site focuses on things like solar power, clean transport, wind power, energy efficiency, and energy storage. Cleantechnica encourages people to use ‘clean tech’ in their day to day lives by debunking myths surrounding the topic and providing useful and actionable content.

27. Green Tech Media

If you’re interested in green energy, take a look at Green Tech Media’s blog. They’re pioneers of providing info on clean electricity production. You’ll find all the latest market analysis and industry news on the subject.

28. Green Building Elements

As the name of the blog suggests, Green Building Elements’ content is all about the construction of green buildings. They cover everything from ‘green’ materials to eco-friendly design. You’re sure to be inspired by these completed projects and their reports on the latest sustainable materials.

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29. TheCityFix

TheCityFix provides up to date news on urban sustainability and development. On their blog, you can read articles from city planners, designers, and engineers from across the globe. They’re all united by one common goal- the desire to create better and more sustainable places for people to live.

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Ethical Blogs: Recycling

30. Zero Waste Week

Launched over a decade ago in 2008, Zero Waste Week helps people to recycle, reduce landfill waste, and preserve the planet’s resources. They specialize in creative waste management solutions- it doesn’t matter whether it’s reducing food waste or educating employees on the importance of sustainable living, this blog provides all the info you need to hit the ground running.

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31. Earth 911

Earth 911’s vision is to create an online community that encourages people to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles. Although they focus on recycling, they also have a lot of content on how to live a ‘happier, healthier, sustainable lifestyle’.

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32. Recycled Crafts

Recycled Crafts lists a ton of home-craft projects for the environmentally conscious. On the whole, these crafts focus on repurposing old bits and bobs you would ordinarily throw away. Needless to say, some of these suggestions are somewhat creative!

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33. Recycle Now

Recycle Now encourages both residents and businesses to recycle and reduce their waste. You name it, they’ll probably have advice on how to best recycle it. They believe it’s our duty to make better use of the Earth’s resources and to tackle climate change before things get too out of hand.

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34. Recycle Away

Recycle Away does exactly what it says on the tin. They help residents and businesses recycle their waste. As such their blog is full of topical news on the subject and solutions to these problems. If you’re passionate about recycling you need to check out this blog!

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35. The ReFab Diaries

If you want to start upcycling, give the ReFab Diaries a read. It’s amazing if you like DIY-projects and crafting. Upcycling is a fantastic way to reduce waste and it’s great fun too- what could be better?!

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Ethical Blogs: Birdlife

36. Audubon

For over 100 years this society has dedicated itself to protecting both birds and their habitats throughout the U.S. They’re proud of the programs and nature centers they run across the country- they give millions of people the chance to learn about the importance of birdlife conservation and to help them both practically and financially.

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37. American Bird Conservancy (ABC)

ABC strives to launch conservation projects to protect both the birds and their habitats throughout the States. They implement solutions based on science to put a halt to the extinction of endangered bird species, and to eliminate threats posing American birdlife.

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Ethical Blogs: Fashion

38. EcoCult

If you’re fascinated by sustainable fashion, EcoCult is a great place to start. Here you’ll learn everything you need to be an environmentally conscious consumer.

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39. My Green Closet

For topics on sustainable fashion, beauty and all things lifestyle, My Green Closet is just the ticket. Founded by Verena (Erin) Polowy, we can’t get enough of her content! She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Technology, which is how she learned about the harmful effects on the environment many of the major fashion brands are having. So, she set up this blog to sustainable and ethical fashion to try and make a positive change.

Ethical Blogs: Eco Friendly Business Practices

40. GreenBiz

If you’re a business owner and want to do your bit to save the planet, GreenBiz is the blog for you. They have tons of resources to help you run a greener company. Plus, you can also attend one of their many events and networking opportunities to learn more on the topic.

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41. Colgate University

Just over ten years ago, Colgate pledged to do an inventory on all their emissions and to take immediate action to reduce their carbon footprint. They also agreed to make sustainability part of their curriculum and to launch a plan to become carbon neutral. If you’re interested in their journey, check out their blog!

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42. Environmental Leader

Environmental Leader is a well respected online publication for keeping businesses abreast on all topics relating to energy, environmental issues, and sustainability. So, if you’re an executive and want to employ ‘green’ strategies- take a look at their blog. They add to it every day, so you’re bound to find one of their articles of interest.

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43. Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands has made it its mission to shape the future of business. They want to equip founders and executives with the knowledge they need to do their bit to tackle social and environmental challenges.

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Ethical Blogs: Animal Rights

44. WWF

WWF is one of the most renown conservation organizations in the world. They envision a globe where humanity and wildlife can live harmoniously together. Not only do they pioneer animal rights and welfare, but they also focus on tackling climate change and encouraging sustainable living. Their blog is full of interesting articles, just waiting to be browsed!

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Ethical Blogs: Environmental Law

45. Earthjustice

Earthjustice is a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to hold those who break environmental laws, accountable for their actions. Their work is fascinating, so check out their blog for more info.

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46. Client Earth

Client Earth’s mission is to protect the planet by using environmental law to its full effect. They’ve had great success taking governments to court over environmental matters and encouraging factories to reduce their pollution rates. Not to mention they’ve worked wonders for protecting forests and wildlife, in addition to educating people on how to fight their own environmental legal battles. They believe ‘law’ is key to establishing long-lasting change, and it looks like they’re right- they’re certainly reaping the rewards of all their hard work.

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47. Environmental Defence

This is a Canadian blog and environmental action organization. Check out their articles to see what they’re working on and the causes they’re passionate about. Environmental Defence aim to inspire change in government policy- for the better. That’s in addition to encouraging people and companies to lead greener lifestyles.

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Ethical Blogs: Education

48. Nature World News

If you’re a science buff, Nature World News is the blog for you. They publish exciting news about animals, health, space, and everything in between. The overall aim of this online publication is to encourage people to appreciate our environment.

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49. first launched in the ’90s and ran a housing co-op based on the principles of sustainable living. From harnessing solar energy to using compost-style toilets to planting organic gardens- you name it; they did it! As they enjoyed such success, they began to run courses on how to live a greener lifestyle- which of course is the central theme of their blog.

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50. NatureBridge

NatureBridge is passionate about educating young people about the natural world and bringing that wonder to life for them. The hope is they’ll be inspired to look after our planet as they grow up. To date, they’ve provided life-changing experiences to over one million students! They do some great work, so check out their blog!

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Did You Like the Sound of These Ethical Blogs?

We hope these ethical blogs piqued your interest! There are so many fabulous sites out there detailing green issues, social injustices, and providing advice on sustainable living. Check a few of them out and see what you think!

Do you follow any of these ethical blogs? If so, we’d love to hear your experiences in the comments box below! Which ones your favorite? Speak soon!

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